Friday, August 31, 2018

August 2018

As I previously posted Chuck had a stroke, 8 months after we got married. We are both blessed that it was not severe. I joked to him that his "warranty had not expired" as we had only been married such a short time. He researched Diabetes and "tried" medication....briefly. Diet, vitamin supplements, and lots of garlic works best to control his blood sugar. We are very blessed! We started to consider what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives. (Note..I still did not know he always wanted to be a farmer). We had an older house (left to me by my dear husband Roger) that was in need of a great deal of "fixing up". Chuck had done much to "improve it". After his stroke I indicated I didn't want him to die..working on the house. We talked to a realtor and learned it would take a great deal of money to fix it up.  Wow! So..we talked to a buy it ...fix it group. They made us an incredible offer. We talked about it, researched homes on line that were located in AZ. We took a trip to AZ to actually see property.  We were thinking AZ because it is
close to CA.  We could visit friends and family and they could visit us! So...amazing people that we met led us to a property in Mescal, AZ. We still had no idea we would be starting a lavender farm. "20 seconds of courage, why not, and God lead us on." I promise that September's blog entry will tell you more about our decision to grow lavender! Stay tuned.   plg

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