Thursday, July 5, 2018

July 4, 2018

Just getting started with this Blog..bear with me. Will post more as life emerges around us. Some background info to start with. Chuck and I became widower and widow in 2015. We both still love our spouses and miss them still.

 In a series of social situations..we found each other. We both feel God brought us together. Ok...don't give up on this blog on!

We decided to marry in January of 2016... then we dated! Two lines from the movie, We bought a Zoo, I often quote are: "why not" and "20 seconds of courage"!
So....we started our journey. 8 months later... Chuck had a stroke! Titus, our amazing dog, and I spent the night at the hospital with Chuck.  Wow!

We found out he had Diabetes which caused his stroke. Diet changes were made and then...we decided to maybe move? To be continued!

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