Thursday, November 1, 2018

Thoughts from Titus our Tibetan Terrier Dog. (In parentheses are clarifications as needed.) 😁

Tidings from Titus -🐾🐾 we go through that thing I bark at (the door).  We go out to the (field) where Mom and Dad...are taking things out of the stuff I pee..poop in (dirt)...not sure why? Sometimes they are putting things in (plants) or why they are taking things out (weeds)? I just want my dog .. water. But I wait...till they move back to that thing (door) that I bark at. Ok I do have a place to get water near where they are as well (outside).

I feel (Dog's do feel!) That I would like to help...but Mom talks to me (I would rather have a treat than words) I hang out  with her.  Sometimes I bark at her..cause she looks tired...and somehow I know it is time to go back in that thing (door) so I can roll around on the soft stuff (carpet).

Dad has that  big red thing that makes noise (tractor) and I prefer to stay away from things that make noise (hair dryers, trucks, cars, tractors, etc). I like looking where I can see him ..but not be to close to on the big soft thing (bed) where I can look and watch (through window).

One exception to if we go in the thing that moves (car). I like that in less it moves back and forth to much or I start to slide off the back seat (roads with lots of curves...and quick stops).

I like the things (lavender) they put in (dirt). It smells good...but I am not suppose to pee, sit, or take a nap on them. 
 So I get it..cause I hear the word "no". Now if I hear "get them" I run out and bark! I don't catch the thing running...doesn't look like me..but has funny ears (rabbits). They run fast!

Oh yes..I see Mom and Dad moving stuff..I sort of get that. I have an urge to move that fuzzy thing that squeeks (toy)....and I do move it here and there...not sure why. But I can move it in my mouth. They lean over pick it up with that thing that gives me treats and pets me (hand) and they move it to a place...and then after another dark time ..and light comes back (night/day) they move it again?? Makes them make noises (hurts) or they look like I feel a lot (tired). Maybe that is why they got that red thing (tractor). Looks like Dad can just sit on it ..and it picks up stuff...but not way ...I am staying away from it!!

Ok ..enough thinking...time for a nap! Zzzzzz