Sunday, May 24, 2020

May 2020

"If you build it..they will come". The title to a very interesting movie..."Field of Dreams"...Kevin Costner!

Our field is starting to bloom! Will be our second year of having flowers. We planted Grace Rock Lavender in 2018.

We have collected many names and email addresses from those interested in coming out to see our Lavender Farm!  As I told the folks that signed up..I won't send lots of emails out to them. I plan to start sending emails and scheduling visits to our the next couple weeks. (If you invite people ..they will come?!)

We have dried bunches from last year.. soaps...and sachets. The baby plants I wrote about, with great hope and expectations, didn't grow! We have a few...but I'm re thinking it.  Lavender grows best from cuttings..not seeds..and those cuttings were from last fall. I have a few..but not what I was hoping for.

 Maybe the little cuttings got too much water ..and/or..not enough  real light.  I'm still learning!  I will try more cuttings from the spring/summer plants. We will not have plants to sell..till later in the summer into fall.

Look forward to folks coming out..getting fresh air...taking pictures and buying "you pick/cut" fresh lavender flowers!  Prices etc.  will be detailed in emails to prospective visitors!

If you have not given me your email address yet, and you want to come out in June, please email me at:
I will add your address to our list!

It has been quite surprising times for the last couple of months.  Many changes in all of our worlds. I continue to hope and pray...that we can be to another through this!       
Blessings to you and many hopes for the future. Hope you are comfortable and blessed, as we continue to look to the future with Hope!


Sunday, March 22, 2020

Grace Rock Lavender Farm

Hello and happy almost Spring! πŸŒΌπŸŒΌπŸ’πŸŒΌ

 Life went pretty fast....first couple of months of 2020.  March has slowed down things considerably.  Prayers to all who may be fearful over the present state of the world. We believe in the living God...and we don't doubt He hears our prayers.  Grace Rock Lavender was not named accidentally. It is His Farm. By Grace we are saved...through our Messiah Jesus. He is our rock! We trust in Him and in His plan. We will not live in fear!  Blessings to family and friends, both new and old!

The new babies are growing in our "in house" Green House!  We need to get dirt..or use our Farm's rocky plant them in pots..and plant more cuttings!

Beginning of March we were at Viva Coffee House. Much interest in our soaps and in the "hope" for flowers in April or May. We have many email addresses & names and will let people know when they can cut some fresh lavender (price to be determined).  It won't be a full festival.. a few people coming out at designated times to enjoy the field..and cut fresh lavender.

The Saturday after Viva..we were asked to come to Butterfield RV Park in Benson. A great gathering and again much interest in our Farm. Enjoyed talking with many people.

We don't have plans right now to be at any markets..but will post on FB when those plans change.

Enjoy the wonderful soothing smell of lavender and be well and at peace!

Many blessings to all!
  Chuck and Pam Goranson


 Lavender Babies!

 Viva Coffee Shop, Vail

Butterfield RV Park, Benson