Monday, February 1, 2021

Winter 2021

 Where has the time gone? Hot dry summer turned to fall, and then Winter...with some snow the other day ..yeah God!

We have things to contemplate in the next few months. Work to be done:  Irrigation hoses to fix. Getting the process down for essential oil. Working on nursery plants...etc.

We have hopes that places we went to last year (or in 2019..that were not open in 2020).will open up this year! Markets..festivals..etc.

We continue to collect let people know, in the Spring, that the Lavender is blooming again. Enjoyed those who came out last take pictures and to cut some Lavender. 

If we don't have your email address. .send it to:

We will only write to you when Lavender is blooming again.

Also.. follow us on Facebook, and thanks.

I pray for peace, joy, faith without fear, and God's love to heal those hurting and needing His love. I pray for "the peace that passes all human understanding"  and our assurance that this (Earth) just our temporary home! God lead us on. πŸ™πŸ™

Blessings to all,


Sunday, May 24, 2020

May 2020

"If you build it..they will come". The title to a very interesting movie..."Field of Dreams"...Kevin Costner!

Our field is starting to bloom! Will be our second year of having flowers. We planted Grace Rock Lavender in 2018.

We have collected many names and email addresses from those interested in coming out to see our Lavender Farm!  As I told the folks that signed up..I won't send lots of emails out to them. I plan to start sending emails and scheduling visits to our the next couple weeks. (If you invite people ..they will come?!)

We have dried bunches from last year.. soaps...and sachets. The baby plants I wrote about, with great hope and expectations, didn't grow! We have a few...but I'm re thinking it.  Lavender grows best from cuttings..not seeds..and those cuttings were from last fall. I have a few..but not what I was hoping for.

 Maybe the little cuttings got too much water ..and/or..not enough  real light.  I'm still learning!  I will try more cuttings from the spring/summer plants. We will not have plants to sell..till later in the summer into fall.

Look forward to folks coming out..getting fresh air...taking pictures and buying "you pick/cut" fresh lavender flowers!  Prices etc.  will be detailed in emails to prospective visitors!

If you have not given me your email address yet, and you want to come out in June, please email me at:
I will add your address to our list!

It has been quite surprising times for the last couple of months.  Many changes in all of our worlds. I continue to hope and pray...that we can be to another through this!       
Blessings to you and many hopes for the future. Hope you are comfortable and blessed, as we continue to look to the future with Hope!


Sunday, March 22, 2020

Grace Rock Lavender Farm

Hello and happy almost Spring! πŸŒΌπŸŒΌπŸ’πŸŒΌ

 Life went pretty fast....first couple of months of 2020.  March has slowed down things considerably.  Prayers to all who may be fearful over the present state of the world. We believe in the living God...and we don't doubt He hears our prayers.  Grace Rock Lavender was not named accidentally. It is His Farm. By Grace we are saved...through our Messiah Jesus. He is our rock! We trust in Him and in His plan. We will not live in fear!  Blessings to family and friends, both new and old!

The new babies are growing in our "in house" Green House!  We need to get dirt..or use our Farm's rocky plant them in pots..and plant more cuttings!

Beginning of March we were at Viva Coffee House. Much interest in our soaps and in the "hope" for flowers in April or May. We have many email addresses & names and will let people know when they can cut some fresh lavender (price to be determined).  It won't be a full festival.. a few people coming out at designated times to enjoy the field..and cut fresh lavender.

The Saturday after Viva..we were asked to come to Butterfield RV Park in Benson. A great gathering and again much interest in our Farm. Enjoyed talking with many people.

We don't have plans right now to be at any markets..but will post on FB when those plans change.

Enjoy the wonderful soothing smell of lavender and be well and at peace!

Many blessings to all!
  Chuck and Pam Goranson


 Lavender Babies!

 Viva Coffee Shop, Vail

Butterfield RV Park, Benson

Friday, November 22, 2019

November 2019

Greetings! I have been "remiss" in my this is a bit of a catch up as well as what plans are for December and beyond!

We miss our beloved friend/dog..Titus.  He passed away in September. He was a great companion, and much more. πŸ˜ͺ🐾
Many pictures of him in the Lavender Field..etc. Many joys, stamped on our hearts, that he gave to us. Truly miss my "puzzle partner". He wrote one of my earlier can read it ..October 2018. Rest in peace..across that rainbow bridge. We will not forget you!

Perhaps soon?..or maybe just what was needed..Bella came into our lives. Who rescued who? She is suppose to be 7..but seems much more puppy like. Extremely nosey.. curious? And a bit like a bull in China shop! She has not knocked over puzzle piece box yet..but she has come close.  I think Titus whispers things to do Bella's ear. Ok..I'm glad we have her. She brings us "comic" relief when needed as well!

We have been at Viva Coffee Shop in Vail on first Friday's of the months. Met some great people there..and appreciate friends who have stopped by as well (picture from November). We will be there again Dec 7th.
Then on Dec 8th and 9th..we will be at Cascabel. We were there last year as well. We will showcase our Lavender Soap we have been selling made with our Lavender buds by Julee Davis of Ancestral Herbals.  Ancestral Herbals on Facebook or

She has made Lavender Bud, Rosemary Lavender, and the latest creation I believe will be Lavender/Lemon.  She has many other soaps etc...check out her website!

As the pictures show...we are growing more baby lavender plants from cuttings...for sale! Varietal: Grosso. Other pictures..are Bella..helping with laundry...Benson Lantern Festival..where we had a booth and started collecting names/emails for next Spring. I will let people know when Lavender is ready to pick Fresh!

Last pictures are in memory of Titus!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July 31st!

Wow what a summer (so far)!  We harvested lavender! ...using hand clippers and moving on to using hedge clippers. We appreciate friends who helped and/or came to visit! Since we didn't know we would have flowers this first year..a nice surprise..we not really prepared?!  We are newbies..but we are learning.  We are thinking and discussing ideas for next Spring/early Summer. Perhaps Open Farm Days?  Someday... out there... a Lavender Festival in 2020 or 2021?  God lead us on!

We have a wonderful soap maker working with us!  (Julee Davis/Ancestral Herbals - Follow her on Facebook and her Web link is She has made  a fabulous Lavender Bud soap...and an awesome Rosemary/Lavender soap.  We display/promote her soap etc.  and she promotes our Farm and our Dried Lavender Bunches.  She is also interested in our "soon-to-be" produced essential oil/Hydrosol.   We love that she is excited about using our Cochise County Grosso (Varietal) Lavender!

We are getting more followers on Facebook..and have been at a few Farmers' Markets. We have sold out of plants we have grown from cuttings off of the Field Lavender Plants. We still have lots of dried Lavender Bundles and sachets! They both are great for relaxation, headaches and even keeping moths away!  We should and will have more plants for sale! We are working on propagating more..and plan to have them available for various events this fall!

Thanks for all your well wishes, prayers and encouragements: it is all much appreciated!

Blessings to you!
Pam,  Chuck,  and Titus..who says "bark bark"... he is our good "doggy friend" and/or comforter!  πŸΎπŸΎπŸ™

Friday, June 14, 2019

June 14...

Even though it is hot and windy..The Lavender continues to look and smell beautiful!

We are excited about being at a couple events next week.

One is in Dragoon/ the Hidden  Oasis Bed and Breakfast..find more information on Benson Chamber of Commerce Website..

June 22 .. Saturday.. 9 to 3
1867 N Johnson Road


We will  be at the Sierra Vista Farmers Market on Thursday ...June 20th... 10 to 2.

Come us. We will have fresh cut Lavender and Lavender plants for sale!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Ok..tis May! Enjoying warm .but not hot days..and cool nights.. yah!
We will take less than 100....
 less than 90 as long as we can!

Titus has been monitoring my weeding...also tells me when it is too hot..or windy..and "makes" me go inside!

Next steps??..many many spikes...our first field of blooming lavender should be showing up soonish! Very exciting!!

I will leave you with many pictures posting will fill you in on next steps to our Lavender Business!!

Blessings to all!