Wednesday, July 31, 2019

July 31st!

Wow what a summer (so far)!  We harvested lavender! ...using hand clippers and moving on to using hedge clippers. We appreciate friends who helped and/or came to visit! Since we didn't know we would have flowers this first year..a nice surprise..we not really prepared?!  We are newbies..but we are learning.  We are thinking and discussing ideas for next Spring/early Summer. Perhaps Open Farm Days?  Someday... out there... a Lavender Festival in 2020 or 2021?  God lead us on!

We have a wonderful soap maker working with us!  (Julee Davis/Ancestral Herbals - Follow her on Facebook and her Web link is She has made  a fabulous Lavender Bud soap...and an awesome Rosemary/Lavender soap.  We display/promote her soap etc.  and she promotes our Farm and our Dried Lavender Bunches.  She is also interested in our "soon-to-be" produced essential oil/Hydrosol.   We love that she is excited about using our Cochise County Grosso (Varietal) Lavender!

We are getting more followers on Facebook..and have been at a few Farmers' Markets. We have sold out of plants we have grown from cuttings off of the Field Lavender Plants. We still have lots of dried Lavender Bundles and sachets! They both are great for relaxation, headaches and even keeping moths away!  We should and will have more plants for sale! We are working on propagating more..and plan to have them available for various events this fall!

Thanks for all your well wishes, prayers and encouragements: it is all much appreciated!

Blessings to you!
Pam,  Chuck,  and Titus..who says "bark bark"... he is our good "doggy friend" and/or comforter!  πŸΎπŸΎπŸ™

Friday, June 14, 2019

June 14...

Even though it is hot and windy..The Lavender continues to look and smell beautiful!

We are excited about being at a couple events next week.

One is in Dragoon/ the Hidden  Oasis Bed and Breakfast..find more information on Benson Chamber of Commerce Website..

June 22 .. Saturday.. 9 to 3
1867 N Johnson Road


We will  be at the Sierra Vista Farmers Market on Thursday ...June 20th... 10 to 2.

Come us. We will have fresh cut Lavender and Lavender plants for sale!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Ok..tis May! Enjoying warm .but not hot days..and cool nights.. yah!
We will take less than 100....
 less than 90 as long as we can!

Titus has been monitoring my weeding...also tells me when it is too hot..or windy..and "makes" me go inside!

Next steps??..many many spikes...our first field of blooming lavender should be showing up soonish! Very exciting!!

I will leave you with many pictures posting will fill you in on next steps to our Lavender Business!!

Blessings to all!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

March.. The Ides of March

Spring is going to spring forth! (The ground hog said so last month).

But first...we had 6 inches of snow one day and it hung around till the 23rd ish of Feb. If I can ..I will post a picture of our Farm..with lavender peeking out of the snow.  Lavender especially Grosso, our varietal, likes snow. It is a very hearty lavender..and it is anxious to show its flowers. It is a very hearty plant and will outlive us!

Over the winter we have been growing "baby plants"  - we have them in trays and take them in and out of our
house, depending on overnight temperatures. We have plans to plant them in the Spring, after last frost.

We were at The Tucson Book Festival last weekend. Pam had her Children's book for sale as well as talking about Lavender. Next book may have our Lavender dog Titus in it. He would be proud of that!

Stay tuned!!  God bless and keep us safe. After all it is His Farm!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Happy New Year!

Wow..2019..hard to get use to that!
Just getting back from a quick trip to see family/friends in southern CA.

What do we see here on the Farm in 2019? A beautiful field of Lavender..God willing!
Celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary on the 23rd of January.
Never imagined then that God would lead us to be Lavender Farmers and leaders of two widow/widower groups. We get it..and we want others to know that they are not alone! We still miss our spouses; our time here is not finished yet, and we continue to ask God to lead us on.

We look forward to some wonderful picture opportunities when our field is in bloom. We continue to research and look into the best ideas for utilizing our Lavender Farm. We recently joined the USLGA...United States Lavender Growers  Association, and have them as an additional source for vital information...and help!

Check out our winter photos of our field..all looking good!

Lavender On!

Blessings to you,
 JP...(aka "just Pam")

Thursday, December 6, 2018

December 5

Winter is here in AZ! Cool nights..cooler days. Lavender looking good and still have weeding to do, but less of it. No bunnies bothering lavender and plants not needing any water.  Nothing for Titus to chase right now. Working on propagation of new plants for planting  in March/April.

Had a great time at Cascabel Festival last weekend. Met great vendors at the two day event, as well as people interested in Lavender. Many visited our booth, and Titus of course. We answered many questions about growing lavender, our Farm, and future ideas.  We sold plants and soap. We had lavender yummy cookies to sample..yum yum!   Excitement growing to see the Farm in bloom.

Will post pictures from weekend on this blog. And now The Farm has a presence on Facebook. Next steps? Web Site perhaps!!

Merry Christmas and blessings to your New Year! πŸ€—πŸΎπŸšœπŸΎπŸŒ²πŸ•

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Thoughts from Titus our Tibetan Terrier Dog. (In parentheses are clarifications as needed.) 😁

Tidings from Titus -🐾🐾 we go through that thing I bark at (the door).  We go out to the (field) where Mom and Dad...are taking things out of the stuff I pee..poop in (dirt)...not sure why? Sometimes they are putting things in (plants) or why they are taking things out (weeds)? I just want my dog .. water. But I wait...till they move back to that thing (door) that I bark at. Ok I do have a place to get water near where they are as well (outside).

I feel (Dog's do feel!) That I would like to help...but Mom talks to me (I would rather have a treat than words) I hang out  with her.  Sometimes I bark at her..cause she looks tired...and somehow I know it is time to go back in that thing (door) so I can roll around on the soft stuff (carpet).

Dad has that  big red thing that makes noise (tractor) and I prefer to stay away from things that make noise (hair dryers, trucks, cars, tractors, etc). I like looking where I can see him ..but not be to close to on the big soft thing (bed) where I can look and watch (through window).

One exception to if we go in the thing that moves (car). I like that in less it moves back and forth to much or I start to slide off the back seat (roads with lots of curves...and quick stops).

I like the things (lavender) they put in (dirt). It smells good...but I am not suppose to pee, sit, or take a nap on them. 
 So I get it..cause I hear the word "no". Now if I hear "get them" I run out and bark! I don't catch the thing running...doesn't look like me..but has funny ears (rabbits). They run fast!

Oh yes..I see Mom and Dad moving stuff..I sort of get that. I have an urge to move that fuzzy thing that squeeks (toy)....and I do move it here and there...not sure why. But I can move it in my mouth. They lean over pick it up with that thing that gives me treats and pets me (hand) and they move it to a place...and then after another dark time ..and light comes back (night/day) they move it again?? Makes them make noises (hurts) or they look like I feel a lot (tired). Maybe that is why they got that red thing (tractor). Looks like Dad can just sit on it ..and it picks up stuff...but not way ...I am staying away from it!!

Ok ..enough thinking...time for a nap! Zzzzzz