Friday, November 22, 2019

November 2019

Greetings! I have been "remiss" in my this is a bit of a catch up as well as what plans are for December and beyond!

We miss our beloved friend/dog..Titus.  He passed away in September. He was a great companion, and much more. πŸ˜ͺ🐾
Many pictures of him in the Lavender Field..etc. Many joys, stamped on our hearts, that he gave to us. Truly miss my "puzzle partner". He wrote one of my earlier can read it ..October 2018. Rest in peace..across that rainbow bridge. We will not forget you!

Perhaps soon?..or maybe just what was needed..Bella came into our lives. Who rescued who? She is suppose to be 7..but seems much more puppy like. Extremely nosey.. curious? And a bit like a bull in China shop! She has not knocked over puzzle piece box yet..but she has come close.  I think Titus whispers things to do Bella's ear. Ok..I'm glad we have her. She brings us "comic" relief when needed as well!

We have been at Viva Coffee Shop in Vail on first Friday's of the months. Met some great people there..and appreciate friends who have stopped by as well (picture from November). We will be there again Dec 7th.
Then on Dec 8th and 9th..we will be at Cascabel. We were there last year as well. We will showcase our Lavender Soap we have been selling made with our Lavender buds by Julee Davis of Ancestral Herbals.  Ancestral Herbals on Facebook or

She has made Lavender Bud, Rosemary Lavender, and the latest creation I believe will be Lavender/Lemon.  She has many other soaps etc...check out her website!

As the pictures show...we are growing more baby lavender plants from cuttings...for sale! Varietal: Grosso. Other pictures..are Bella..helping with laundry...Benson Lantern Festival..where we had a booth and started collecting names/emails for next Spring. I will let people know when Lavender is ready to pick Fresh!

Last pictures are in memory of Titus!