Thursday, December 6, 2018

December 5

Winter is here in AZ! Cool nights..cooler days. Lavender looking good and still have weeding to do, but less of it. No bunnies bothering lavender and plants not needing any water.  Nothing for Titus to chase right now. Working on propagation of new plants for planting  in March/April.

Had a great time at Cascabel Festival last weekend. Met great vendors at the two day event, as well as people interested in Lavender. Many visited our booth, and Titus of course. We answered many questions about growing lavender, our Farm, and future ideas.  We sold plants and soap. We had lavender yummy cookies to sample..yum yum!   Excitement growing to see the Farm in bloom.

Will post pictures from weekend on this blog. And now The Farm has a presence on Facebook. Next steps? Web Site perhaps!!

Merry Christmas and blessings to your New Year! πŸ€—πŸΎπŸšœπŸΎπŸŒ²πŸ•

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Thoughts from Titus our Tibetan Terrier Dog. (In parentheses are clarifications as needed.) 😁

Tidings from Titus -🐾🐾 we go through that thing I bark at (the door).  We go out to the (field) where Mom and Dad...are taking things out of the stuff I pee..poop in (dirt)...not sure why? Sometimes they are putting things in (plants) or why they are taking things out (weeds)? I just want my dog .. water. But I wait...till they move back to that thing (door) that I bark at. Ok I do have a place to get water near where they are as well (outside).

I feel (Dog's do feel!) That I would like to help...but Mom talks to me (I would rather have a treat than words) I hang out  with her.  Sometimes I bark at her..cause she looks tired...and somehow I know it is time to go back in that thing (door) so I can roll around on the soft stuff (carpet).

Dad has that  big red thing that makes noise (tractor) and I prefer to stay away from things that make noise (hair dryers, trucks, cars, tractors, etc). I like looking where I can see him ..but not be to close to on the big soft thing (bed) where I can look and watch (through window).

One exception to if we go in the thing that moves (car). I like that in less it moves back and forth to much or I start to slide off the back seat (roads with lots of curves...and quick stops).

I like the things (lavender) they put in (dirt). It smells good...but I am not suppose to pee, sit, or take a nap on them. 
 So I get it..cause I hear the word "no". Now if I hear "get them" I run out and bark! I don't catch the thing running...doesn't look like me..but has funny ears (rabbits). They run fast!

Oh yes..I see Mom and Dad moving stuff..I sort of get that. I have an urge to move that fuzzy thing that squeeks (toy)....and I do move it here and there...not sure why. But I can move it in my mouth. They lean over pick it up with that thing that gives me treats and pets me (hand) and they move it to a place...and then after another dark time ..and light comes back (night/day) they move it again?? Makes them make noises (hurts) or they look like I feel a lot (tired). Maybe that is why they got that red thing (tractor). Looks like Dad can just sit on it ..and it picks up stuff...but not way ...I am staying away from it!!

Ok ..enough thinking...time for a nap! Zzzzzz

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Pictures - latest posting 1-22-19

October 2018

We are growing! Had our first event last month. Many were excited about the new Lavender Farm in our area. Need to expand my Blog out to more people! We will be doing another event in December. We have spent months getting the Farm going. Planting...irrigation lines...fencing...learning 100 zillion things about Lavender. We made some products see what consumers are interested in.  We bought .....the base for shampoo...conditioner... face scrub...and added purchased essential oil. Next year we will be , God willing, making our own essential oil.

I have taken zillion pictures of our journey...looking forward to sharing those photos on this Blog..or on a Website!

God lead us on!!


Friday, August 31, 2018

August 2018

As I previously posted Chuck had a stroke, 8 months after we got married. We are both blessed that it was not severe. I joked to him that his "warranty had not expired" as we had only been married such a short time. He researched Diabetes and "tried" medication....briefly. Diet, vitamin supplements, and lots of garlic works best to control his blood sugar. We are very blessed! We started to consider what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives. (Note..I still did not know he always wanted to be a farmer). We had an older house (left to me by my dear husband Roger) that was in need of a great deal of "fixing up". Chuck had done much to "improve it". After his stroke I indicated I didn't want him to die..working on the house. We talked to a realtor and learned it would take a great deal of money to fix it up.  Wow! So..we talked to a buy it ...fix it group. They made us an incredible offer. We talked about it, researched homes on line that were located in AZ. We took a trip to AZ to actually see property.  We were thinking AZ because it is
close to CA.  We could visit friends and family and they could visit us! So...amazing people that we met led us to a property in Mescal, AZ. We still had no idea we would be starting a lavender farm. "20 seconds of courage, why not, and God lead us on." I promise that September's blog entry will tell you more about our decision to grow lavender! Stay tuned.   plg

Thursday, July 5, 2018

July 4, 2018

Just getting started with this Blog..bear with me. Will post more as life emerges around us. Some background info to start with. Chuck and I became widower and widow in 2015. We both still love our spouses and miss them still.

 In a series of social situations..we found each other. We both feel God brought us together. Ok...don't give up on this blog on!

We decided to marry in January of 2016... then we dated! Two lines from the movie, We bought a Zoo, I often quote are: "why not" and "20 seconds of courage"!
So....we started our journey. 8 months later... Chuck had a stroke! Titus, our amazing dog, and I spent the night at the hospital with Chuck.  Wow!

We found out he had Diabetes which caused his stroke. Diet changes were made and then...we decided to maybe move? To be continued!