Tuesday, March 5, 2019

March.. The Ides of March

Spring is going to spring forth! (The ground hog said so last month).

But first...we had 6 inches of snow one day and it hung around till the 23rd ish of Feb. If I can ..I will post a picture of our Farm..with lavender peeking out of the snow.  Lavender especially Grosso, our varietal, likes snow. It is a very hearty lavender..and it is anxious to show its flowers. It is a very hearty plant and will outlive us!

Over the winter we have been growing "baby plants"  - we have them in trays and take them in and out of our
house, depending on overnight temperatures. We have plans to plant them in the Spring, after last frost.

We were at The Tucson Book Festival last weekend. Pam had her Children's book for sale as well as talking about Lavender. Next book may have our Lavender dog Titus in it. He would be proud of that!

Stay tuned!!  God bless and keep us safe. After all it is His Farm!

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